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Sound Vessel Records Podcast 002 - Yuu Ohzono
September 09, 2013 11:37 PM PDT
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01. Stargliders - On The Way (Original Mix) [Andromeda Recordings]

02. Ioan Gamboa - The Garden Of Bones (Ad Brown & Andrew Benson Remix) [Particles]

03. Tomi Chair - Blue Fish Goes To Deeper (Original Mix) [Landscape Music]

04. Bring Bliss & Katrin Souza - I Remember (KaNa Remix) [Cold Breath Records]

05. Fabio Mazzei & Marco Calanni - Night Night (Kiwamu Remix) [Mandarine]

06. Marco Grandi - Back To Earth (The Stain Remix) [Deep Dive Records]

07. Eric Rigo - Rain (Original Mix) [Tiefhaus Records]

08. Processing Vessel, L-Kid - Aegean Breeze (Original Mix) [Sound Vessel Records]

09. Deep In Calm - Funny Monsters (Piotro 'Lonely Monster' Mix) [Electronic Tree]

10. Digital Cassette - Histogram (Original Mix) [Free Track]

11. L.G.V - Helvetic Zone (Processing Vessel Remix) [Sound Vessel Records]

Sound Vessel Records Podcast 001 - Processing Vessel
June 01, 2013 01:21 AM PDT
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1-Kakes - Take Me Down (Original Mix) - Itom Records
2-Deep In Calm - Sexy Rocket (Tuxedo Remix) - Electronic Tree Records
3-Marco Grandi - Back To Earth (D.M.P Remix) - Deep Dive Records
4-Jonny Bee - Loveless (Matthieu Duchesne Remix) - Savoir Faire Musique
5-Fred Everything - Circles One (Original Mix) - Drumpoet Community
6-Daniel Cleaver - Faithful (Original Mix) - Deep Dive Records
7-Addex - Long Night Exposure (Original Mix) - EDM Underground
8-Addex - The Cooler (Marvin Zeyss Remix) - I Records
9-Danny Deep - Itaco (Original Mix) - Mazoom Lab
10-Processing Vessel - Falling Raindrops (DASO Remix) - Paperjet Recordings